Super Smash Gauntlet – 29 February 2020

Join us for the Super Smash Gauntlet! Show off your Smash skills and try to win our Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby tournaments.

The tournaments will be starting at 11:30am, but there will be a short lunch break. We’ll be taking names down on the day, but you can let us know beforehand if you want to.

We’ll have some of your favourite games, including Pokemon, set up on TVs around the room, there will be a free play area and you are more than welcome to bring your own Switch/DS/Gameboy.

This is our first event in our new venue (woohoo!), the Carnegie Lounge in Newbury Library. We hope everyone finds us as easily and likes the new venue as much as we do. Things might chop and change over the next few events as we find our feet again.
Our events will now also be more regular, on the last Saturday of every month; but do always check the exact dates on our pages first!

We hope to see you there, and make sure you tell and bring all your friends along! 🎮🕹

On event days, see our blog for live updates on what’s going on.

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