Our first evening event! 7pm on 17 January

Good evening!

As previously mentioned, we were looking to hold an evening event! This is purely a trial, and if it goes well, we will look to make it more of a permanent feature!

So, on Friday 17 January from 7 to 10pm, we will be hosting a more casual evening meet-up, where you can come down and play the games you wish to play! Your own Switch or 3DS isn’t mandatory, but it’s always welcome in case you fancy making that Pokemon trade, or fancy that 1v1 on Smash Bros Ultimate.

All ages are welcome, and there will be refreshments available including party food, sweets, squash and fizzy pop! We appreciate that some attendees may not be able to stay the whole time, but even coming down for half an hour would be great and really helps us as a group!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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